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Sweet or Salty?

Do you prefer salty/savoury things or are you a complete sweet tooth?

Sweet or Salty?
Reply:i like both and even together
Reply:Salty mostly but now and again I get the urge to eat sweet pastries....danishes.
Reply:Both but not together
Reply:Oh, no, sweet AND salty. That's why oreos and snickers and paydays are so very popular in my house. Fat, sweet, salt, et voila, big happy binge. Hmmm.... also I love Vietnamese and Indonesian food best. Lots of dishes have both salt and sweet.
Reply:i hold my hands up and confess........i have a very sweet tooth.

my biggest sin is warm chocolate fudge cake with chocolate sauce served with ice cream...............mmmmm yummy!!!!
Reply:Salty and savory for me!
Reply:Salt? That's a terrible thing. Now chocolate.................

Remember that a balanced diet is having a chocolate biscuit in each hand.
Reply:I like savoury non salty stuff best.
Reply:what ever available.
Reply:ooooh! i love sweet popcorn! lol i remember the first time i went to disneyland! i was horrified that they had sugary popcorn, but now i'm officially addicted!
Reply:I kinda like both but i think i like sweet things more.
Reply:BOTH :)
Reply:both cause it i have one of more it throws me off balace
Reply:I used to like that ice cream you could get with pretzels in it! I also like chocolate with chilli. So, I seem to like both at the same time :D
Reply:Salty. I would knock you flying to get to the buffet at a party, vol events, sausage rolls, cheese %26amp; pineapple sticks,quiche....I love this kind of food,sad I know but I can't help it.
Reply:i like both

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How do I stop eating sweet foods?

I have a really (and I mean REALLY!) sweet tooth. I can eat organic sugar by tablespoonfulls and honey by the jar. I eat fruits like oranges, blueberrie, mangoes, strawberries and grapes as if I needed them to survive. I also enjoy molasses (wich I eat by the spoonful every morning) and good chocolate. I am so hooked up sugary stuff and I wish I could just eat a bag of chips sometimes! But I can't, I always, ALWAYS need to eat something sweet. I am not fat and I drink plenty of water but I am OBSESSED with sweet foods! Please help me...somehow!

How do I stop eating sweet foods?
It is not that you may have to stop eating sweets-that is fantastic!! What I have found that may work is to just start weening of gradually! Don't keep these close to your work station or in your auto-make it a little more difficult to gain access to these. Instead of maybe having 5, start with 4 for one week then 3 the next etc..........after awhile you will just not have the taste or need for these things. Substitute for something else that is better for you i.e. carrots, celery etc. It is always a tough battle to accomplish change-once you start down a path of regimental change you will find other areas in your life you would want to change. Find a friend who also shares your same concerns. Hope this helps. Remember though - you only live once - Enjoy what you like! Life is too short!!!!!!!!
Reply:Try limiting your self to a little a day then make the amount smaller as you get used to it. try to find something non-sugary that you like that can replace sugary foods
Reply:if its always in your house dont buy it...i have found that if its not around i wont crave it or i wont eat it as much
Reply:the way I do it - if I really want something sweet and fattening, I would allow myself have it, but once or twice a week (I mean a cake or pastry). I replace cakes with sweet fruit and dried fruit. A lot of people mistaken hunger with thirst. Do you drink a litre of water per day? Also, stop buying sweet stuff. I find that if there is nothing at home - there is no temptation. easy!
Reply:sorry but you really have to go cold turkey for a couple days- sugar breeds its own cravings, which is why you are on what is referred to as a sugar rollercoaster and the only way to get off is to stop feeding the cravings.

The best way to do this is to spend a couple of days with no sweets or starches (bread, rice, etc) at all, as they all metabolize as sugar once digested. Stick to veggies and protein and if you really have to have something sweet, have diet soda. It will be really hard and you will probably feel tired and experience headaches but once your system adjusts you will feel great and you can begin to have a healthy relationship with sweets.

Stay busy to distract yourself from the cravings and enlist the help of a friend so that you don't cave in. You should also get your blood sugar levels tested just to be safe.

How to make something sweet to eat, without using any sweet ingredient??

I have a reall sweet tooth, with nothing sweet in the house besides sugar and coco. and some other stuff. please help!!!

How to make something sweet to eat, without using any sweet ingredient??
you will need to use fruits
Reply:do you have any fruit? fruit has natural sugars in it and its good for you. and its yummy
Reply:Do you have fruit? You can eat that or make a smoothie if you have berries or bananas.
Reply:Eat some fruit

make lemonade w/ splenda, then blenderize it w/ ice
Reply:if you have honey you can use that
Reply:Do you have milk, powdered sugar, vanilla and margarine, too? If you do, you can make some awesome tasting EASY fudge!

Microwave Fudge

1 box (1 lb. size) confectioner's sugar (powdered sugar)

1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

1 stick butter or margarine (1/2 cup)

1/4 cup milk

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 cup chopped nuts, optional (black walnuts are especially delightful in this)

Sift together the confectioner's sugar and cocoa into a medium sized bowl. Make a well in the center of the dry mixture, and in it place the butter and milk. DO NOT STIR! Place the bowl in your microwave and cook for 2 minutes on full power (do not overcook).

Add the vanilla, (and nuts), and stir until combined. Put in foil or plastic wrap lined pan Refrigerate for at least 1 hour then cut into desired pieces.

Note, you must keep these in the refrigerator or they will get too soft.
Reply:Make an apple pie w/o using sugar from a packet.
Reply:Stevia is a great great great %26amp; healthy sweetener, with NO CALORIES and a little goes a LONGGG way!!! I eat it every day about 10x a day too....and I am just fine!
Reply:fruits and also beets
Reply:Put together a summer fruit salad with all your favorite friuts. blend a little fresh mint with a small container of vanilla low fat vanilla yogurt and you have a great salad topping. Yummy!

The salads great without a dressing too just don't drain the salad if your using watermelon, my boys like the juice.


I need some ideas or recipies for sweet & tasty, but super healthy snacks?

Basically I have a HUGE sweet tooth. And on every diet I always end up ruining the diet by giving in to my sweet tooth and having m%26amp;ms or chocolate or popsicles instead of sumthing better. Partly because I just haven't found a dessert and sweet snack that is great for me .

And ideas would be greatly appreciated so I won't be 300 lbs by my wedding.

I need some ideas or recipies for sweet %26amp; tasty, but super healthy snacks?
There are some chocolates and snacks that are made with artificial sweetener. But they do cost slightly more expensive. One suggestion to you is that you take high fibre stuff such as wholemeal bread, or even fibre supplement drinks at the very beginning of the day, before your breakfast. As fibre prevents your body from absorbing the sugar, you can be assured that you won't gain as much weight from the excess sugar that you take! I lost 10 pounds in 1 month using this method (But of course with diet control).
Reply:Pretty good sites....
Reply:first of all if u are determine to loose your weight u have to have a strong control over your appetite. u can search on the internet some ways that would help you to loose weight. they also provide the foods with low calories. if you cant get rid of chocolates. u can buy some chocolate with low content of sugar or artificial sugar, but they kinda expensive
Reply:Try a handful of dried fruit. Or they have those 100 calorie packs of all kinds of snacks now--even Oreos. Of course it's not the full cream-in-the-middle Oreo, but it's close! Just don't eat the whole box of them in one day! lol.

Sweet Recipe for a Diabetic?

A good friend of mine was just diagnosed with Diabetes. She has a wicked sweet tooth and I would like to make her something sweet and comforting that won't aggaravate the issue. I also wanted to include the recipe in a card to let her know that I was thinking about her - but with out making her feel bad...

Any suggestions for websites with recipes or a way to come across as caring and thoughtful - instead of rubbing the problem in her face? Thanks in advance!!!

Sweet Recipe for a Diabetic?
try thes sites:
Reply:Check the Splenda website, they have a ton of recipes that are actually really good - my mother-in-law makes them all the time for her boyfriend, who's on a sugar-free low-fat low-starch diet.
Reply:It really depends on what your friend likes to eat....I am also diabetic and have that same problem with finding good sugar free sweets but I found a really good site for you to check out....I love this one and there is alot of good foods on it too....
Reply:A really good sweet cake is a cherry pineapple upside-down cake made with the pineapple and cherry juices instead of water and to use Baking Splenda instead of sugar. My dad is diabetic and makes it all the time. It is soooo good!

Yellow Teeth

How can I stop eating junky/sweet foods? I don't want diabetes.?

I'm 13 and my dad has a family generation of having diabetes. I do not want to prick myself. I want to stop eating junk foods. I eat too many sweets. I never listen to my mom. She is always telling me to stop. She is tired when she gets home so she can't cook so she instead, buys fast food. I always have a sweet tooth which is bad. I eat pizza, drink gatorade, have a bag of baked chips, and eat one cookie on a daily basis. I've heard there is a pill that you can take to stop your sweet tooth, may you give me the name of it -- (money isn't an issue)? Also, what are symptoms of diabetes? I have a strong feeling I have it right now. I hope not. Is there any way to cure diabetes? My dad's best friend had his leg cut off when he was 30 and he died at 32. So may you please help??

I appreciate it.

How can I stop eating junky/sweet foods? I don't want diabetes.?
I am a physician and am answering this question, because it is a great one. First, I will start with the usual symptoms. Excessive thirst, excessive urination, excessive eating/drinking and fatigue. There are many others. There is also two types of Diabetes Mellitus. If you are young, the type of diabetes that is common among the young is called Type I diabetes. Is usually is not hereditary, but might be. Having a sweet tooth should not be a cause of Diabetes, however, can be a symptom of low blood sugar. At your age, I would not worry about it. If your family is concerned about your risks, you should seek a physician's advise and let him/her check your blood sugar and something called A1C. Type II Diabetes is usually hereditary and sometimes caused by obesity and/or alcoholism. Both types usually present with excessive urination and excessive thirst. If you are concerned, have your parents bring you to the physician to have your sugar checked. Take care and good luck. Having a sweet tooth, as I have had when I was your age has not caused me to have diabetes.
Reply:There isn't a pill that will cure you. You are aware of what the problem is so you have to make your mind up that you can make the changes and stick to it. If it makes it easier for you, I can tell you for sure that once you stop eating foods with added sugar you will have less food cravings.

Ask your mom to buy fruit instead of cookies, cakes, cokes, candy and chips. Tell her you are afraid of getting diabetes and you need her to keep healthier foods in the house.

It wont be easy but once you do it you will feel better. Stop one food at a time so you aren't feeling so deprived.I promise if you stop eating sugar you will feel better and have less food cravings. Once you have given up foods with added sugar you will find that fruit is incredibly sweet . When we eat foods with added sugar our taste buds stop being as sensitive to naturally sweet things like fruit.
Reply:type 1 diabetes isnt preventable.....what you eat (diet) and how much you exercise has nothing to do with whether or not you'll develop it....its usually found in young kids or young adults

type 2 can decrease the chances of developing type 2 by cutting back on the types of foods u listed....cut back on carbs

the main symptoms are.....

1. excessive thirst (you can drink a lot of water and still feel thirsty)

2.excessive hunger

3. frequent urination (going to the bathroom at least every 2 hours...sometimes sooner....going 3 or 4 times a night)

other symptoms are...

1. unexplained weight loss (i loss 40lbs in 2 months)

2. blurry vision

3.feeling tired (i could sleep for 10+ hours and still feel REALLY tired)

there is no cure for either type

by the way, all that junk food you eat doesnt cause type 2 diabetes. what it does is make you fat...being overweight is what increases the chance of developing type 2.
Reply:I want to add something to what starr....... mentioned. Diabetes is not directly caused by your diet. Type 2 diabetes can be indirectly caused by your diet but there are other factors like heredity that are more important than your diet. If It is in your family then you will definitely be at risk when you get older. You can prevent it by exercising, eating right, and keeping your weight down. If you are really concerned about this you should talk to your mom about it. Maybe she would be willing to cook healthier meals for you. I am 44 years old. I have had diabetes for 1 year and I had a heart attack almost 1 year ago (that is one of the many things that can happen to a diabetic). Even though I am tired when I get home, I must take the time to cook and eat properly. This is something I must do every day for the rest of my life because I didn't take care of myself for the first 43 years of my life.
Reply:By eating to live instead of living to eat. All that means is changing your priorities from eating for immediate short lasting pleasure to long term feeling good pleasure. Healthy people feel better than unhealthy people. (I've been on both sides... dramatically so).

Don't believe for a moment, that poor diet doesn't cause diabetes as one person seems to be suggesting. Since it runs in your family, it's vitally important that you learn good eating habits. There is a ton of information out there that points to two major contributors to diabetes in those who have the genetic predisposition like you.... POOR DIET AND LACK OF EXERCISE. Both contribute to weight gain which is a third ingredient in becoming diabetic. Read some of my other answers and follow the links in my profile. I've done a tremendous amount of reading on this and there's no doubt in my mind that diet plays a crucial role in the development of type two diabetes. After reading a few of the articles I refer to under this question, you'll likely agree with me:;...

Tooth Decay & Enamel Loss?

My top 2 front teeth are stained at the top %26amp; I've tried cleaning them with whiteners %26amp; picks but they're not smooth anymore on the top part of them. I think I've lost the enamel. How can I fix it or is it too late to fix?

Also, I have a VERY bad case of 'sweet tooth' and I've noticed cavities forming at the gum line on some of my back teeth and some teeth are getting stained inbetween teeth. Can these be fixed with fillings?

My calcium got very low while I was pregnant (2004-2005) and thats when my teeth started showing signs of tooth decay, cavities, %26amp; enamel loss. I cant afford to see a dentist right now so is there anything I can do to help these problems? I brush everyday. I'm not sure if it's getting any better or if it's just not getting any worse.. Any ideas?

Tooth Decay %26amp; Enamel Loss?
Here is a list of dental schools by state (assuming you live in the US) you can call for an estimate, it will be cheaper!
Reply:You might want to research the dangerous of flouride in your water and discontinue its use!
Reply:You can buy enamel tooth paste and mouth waste. I use "Enamel Care" for tooth paste and Act mouth wash. They really work.
Reply:After pregnancy my teeth, which were previous perfect, started to cause me trouble. Because I never had problems with my teeth and I had very little money, I put off going to the dentist. I regret it now because all of the money that I saved and more has gone into a single root canal operation that cost me over 1000 dollars. It is better to spend the 100 dollars once a year to get you teeth cleaned professionally. ALso,the gunk that builds up on your teeth can damage your heart. I knowit sounds had to beleive but the bacteria that are all over your teeth and gums in the form plaque can get into your blood stream and colonize your heart. I had some problems with my heart and then I got the teeth cleaned and the problems have gotten alot better. Not going to the dentist regularly is a bad practice.
Reply:Please try to find the money to go get this taken care of,before it is to late. Dentures are no fun. Find a dentist that will let you pay as you go.If you can not get a loan to have them fixed now. Ask your family to help you out. Perhaps co-sign a loan for you. Your teeth and very important to your health and your self esteem
Reply:In agreement with previous answerers you need to visit the dentist. The cavities you see forming can be fixed with fillings or whatever course of action you dentist finds best. There are several programs of credit, some offices offer personalized payment plans and cheap insurances that will help cover the costs.

Bottom line: See a dentist!!

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